Health Care Consulting Services

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Resolute offers a variety of consulting services to meet the needs of unions, employers, and insurance administrators. Our customer-focused model coupled with our analytical skills drive measurable results to bring peace of mind. Efficient, effective, and quality outcomes improve your bottom line and allow you to redirect your focus.

Unions & Employers

Healthcare benefits are essential for companies to attract and retain employees but may be difficult to administer and maintain. Adding Resolute advisory services to your health insurance portfolio can often be accomplished at no direct cost to your budget. With Resolute as a trusted partner, members gain instant access to personal advocates at prices far below market value.

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Resolute’s advocacy programs are designed to be easily implemented. From creating the right package to employee enrollment and support, Resolute has you covered. Our approach reflects our commitment to people helping people:

When members are granted access to an unbiased partner to address their health insurance concerns, it increases their work productivity, and reduce expenses for the employee and employer alike. With Resolute’s wide range of services, your team can relax knowing they have an advocate to educate members on pre- to post-service health insurance concerns.

Insurance Administrators

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Resolute offers immediate access to highly experienced talent. We deliver the expertise to address critical business issues that arise across claim operations and functional areas including, but not limited to: