Resolute embodies more than 30 years of “insider” health insurance knowledge. We are familiar with
all aspects of insurance, such as claims and data analysis, and navigate the health care system fluently.
Our insider knowledge gives us a broader perspective on how to resolve health care issues and establish
improved practices.

 Resolute saves members money in five key areas:

  1. Benefits education
  2. Claim reimbursement
  3. Insurance appeals
  4. Reconciliation of expenses
  5. Navigating the health care landscape efficiently.

Resolute is all too familiar with insurance setbacks and the inadequacy of consumer protections. We understand the complexities of health care. We desire to extend our experience to the community by solving your insurance concerns. Members who transfer their insurance burdens to Resolute are afforded more time to focus on recovery, family, and work.

Resolute’s experience and knowledgeable healthcare professionals understand that there is more to health insurance than what appears on the representative’s screen. We work for you to identify loopholes, navigate internal policies, and appeal denials. We are an unbiased partner that understands healthcare and speaks the insurance language fluently.

Resolute consulting services complement your insurance plan by offering benefits education, navigation of health care departments, and claims resolution. Our services run independently from your insurance premium. Confirm with your union if Resolute services are offered with your union dues or paid separately through annual enrollment.

Contact Resolute for a free consultation. We will evaluate your case and discuss possible solutions.

A. Resolute works through union agreements only. If your union secured the services of Resolute you are welcome to call us at (877) 847-3992 or send us an email with documents concerning your case. We will partner with you, your insurance company, and providers to resolve outstanding issues.

A. Resolute encourages employers and unions to offer insurance advocacy services to their members. Our value-added services make a positive impact on productivity and employee satisfaction by fighting for
the insurance benefits your policy guarantees.