Employer Plans

Employer Plans


Health care benefits are essential in order for companies to attract and retain employees. But how skilled are your employees when it comes to handling insurance affairs?

Selecting the best insurance option, rising premiums, and financial stability cause employees to question health insurance. As a result, many struggle to use their benefits effectively. If your employees are like most, they attempt to handle such concerns, and others, during company time. This phenomenon, called presenteeism, is a silent predator that erodes company profits at alarming rates.

Adding RESOLUTE to your health care benefits portfolio combats presenteeism, often at no direct cost to your company. With RESOLUTE as a trusted partner, you are able to offer your employees direct access to personal insurance advisors below market prices.


RESOLUTE’s programs are designed to be easily implemented. From creating the right package to employee enrollment and support, RESOLUTE has it covered.

RESOLUTE conducts exhaustive reviews of each employer-sponsored medical plan and utilizes tools to quickly identify plan benefits and potential gaps. We then provide employees with comprehensive benefits information; followed by claims analysis and appeals support. Employees are always able to speak with a “live” consultant for additional questions.

Our approach is reflects our commitment to people:

• Engaging members in purposeful discussions and building rapport;
• Meticulously analyzing benefits and claim files to reduce unnecessary expenses;
• Utilizing health plan tools and authorized personal representatives;
• Upholding privacy standards subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA);
• Staying abreast of complex state and federal insurance guidelines;
• Exemplifying professional and effective communication practices with members, provider offices, and insurers;
• Certifying that all tasks are completed as expected.

RESOLUTE Client Advisors have proven to help employees feel at ease with their health insurance benefits, increase work productivity, use medical services more appropriately, and reduce expenses for the employee and organization alike.
In the event that your organization changes insurance companies, RESOLUTE remains a dedicated partner. With a wide range of services, your employees can relax knowing they have an advocate for pre-service questions to post-claim reconciliation.

Empower your employees to embrace health care change.