Q. How do you manage my account?
A. Simply forward your documents by direct mail, fax, or secure email and we will begin working on your case.

Q. How does RESOLUTE get involved with my case?
A. After entering into an agreement with RESOLUTE, we will work with you, your insurance company, and your providers to resolve outstanding issues.

Q. Who are your typical members?
A. RESOLUTE partners include unions, individuals, families, and Medicare beneficiaries.

Q. What experience fuels RESOLUTE Health Care Advisors?
A. RESOLUTE employs more than 25 years of “insider” health insurance knowledge. We are familiar with all aspects of insurance, such as claims and data analysis, and navigate the health care system fluently. Our insider knowledge gives us a broader perspective on how to resolve health care issues and establish improved practices.

Q. How can RESOLUTE save me money?
A. RESOLUTE saves members money in five key areas: 1) benefits education; 2) claim reimbursement; 3) insurance appeals; 4) reconciliation of expenses and 5) navigating the health care landscape efficiently.

Q. What does it cost to have RESOLUTE review my case?
A. Contact RESOLUTE for a free consultation. We will evaluate your case and recommend the best possible solution specific to your situation.

Q. Why consumer advocacy?
A. RESOLUTE is all too familiar with insurance setbacks and the inadequacy of consumer protections. We understand the complexities of health care and extend our experience to the greater community. Solving healthcare and medical insurance concerns take time. By transferring these burdens to RESOLUTE, our members are afforded more time to focus on recovery, family, work, and of course, more free time.

Q. Does my insurance premium cover RESOLUTE consumer advocacy services?
A. RESOLUTE complements your insurance plan by offering benefits education, navigation of health care departments, and claims resolution.

Q. How are RESOLUTE services different than services offered by my insurance company?
A. RESOLUTE retains only experienced and knowledgeable healthcare professionals. We are an unbiased partner that understands healthcare and speak the insurance language fluently. We work for you to identify loopholes, navigate internal policies and appeal shortsighted denials.

Q. Can I refer my employer to RESOLUTE?
A. RESOLUTE encourages employers to offer advocacy services to their colleagues. We are confident that our value-added services will make a positive impact on productivity and employee satisfaction.

If we didn’t answer your question here, call us at (877) 847-3992. We look forward to hearing from you.