Fee Schedule


We believe that simple fees, in return for superior work nurture significant, long-term relationships. All services include unlimited access Client Advisors.

As a member of Resolute HCA, your fee never increases as long as your policy is current and active, even if you switch health plans! To preserve our low rates, there is a one-time $60.00 policy review fee due with the first month of enrollment. There is no annual fee thereafter.


Monthly subscribers benefit from having Resolute HCA at their disposal any time of year. Annual subscribers receive one month free.

• Individuals – $45.00/month
• Families – $85.00/month

PROJECT-BASED CONSULTING: This plan is best suited for members bringing closure to one particular issue. Common interests include attorney requests and estate settlements.

• 25% of actual savings or refund, whichever is greater, or
• $125.00 / hour.